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The 2010 debut album consists of As Time Goes By, Strong, I'd Do It For You, Together Perfectly, You Can't Fool A Fool, and the lead single Back Again!.  Six very inspirational tracks that are relatable and true to life.  All songs have Matthew's hands on them, as each song was self written or co-written with co-writer Terry Smith.

The album features Producer Jon Raney and musicians:
 Tim Crouch, Robby Springfield, Doug Deforest, John Scott, and Mike Kennedy.   ~  

"AS TIME GOES BY" (Writers: Matthew Huff/Terry Smith)

Everyday people wake up, look in the mirror and realize life is passing them by.  For some, the pace of living is a good thing, because time allows wounds and pain to heal.  For others, it makes them question their impact on their loved ones, and if they could have done more to make this a better place.  Regardless, of how we feel about our life, the world continues around us.  It is not waiting on us. At some point, we have to move on and make the best of past and present, and prepare ourselves for the rest of our lives.  Each day someone, somewhere will cry tears of joy or pain, laugh hysterically, have a heart broken, break a heart, hold a newborn baby, or grasp a dying hand.  All this takes place around us, no matter how bad we want things to change or stay the same,  As Time Goes By.

"STRONG" (Writer: Matthew Huff)           

The end of any break up is never good when you are the one getting dumped.  I wrote Strong as a follow up to Back Again.  This song has a unique twist, as the verses are a reflection of how I truly felt about the same girl as Back Again is about.  These are true feelings of the times we spend together with the significant other and how emotionally connected you get with one another, but still someone seems to throw it away.  In those back and forh relationships we all get to the point where we want to be able to get over the person that has hurt us.  When it's all said and done we are much stronger for having been hurt.  This song is for any friend that you know, that's been crushed by another person, to let them know that when it's all said and done, they will be Strong.

"I'D DO IT FOR YOU"  (Writer: Matthew Huff) 

Every woman wants their significant other to be good to them, treat them with respect, dignity, and sweep them off their feet.  However, being human, we all tend to have our faults and make mistakes in relationships.  We all know that we have a lack of emotional stability after heartbreak and normally the next person to follow the heartbreak never gets a fair chance.  Battling emotional decisions and unsure feelings, we more times than not miss out on a chance to get to know a great person.  Though the next relationship rarely lasts, we do get to meet a great person and learn how to have fun again.  I'd Do It For You is a true representation of being sorry for things you’ve done and wanting to make them right.

"TOGETHER PERFECTLY" (Writer: Matthew Huff)

A song that epitomizes a life long love.  This song came so natural when writing it yet, I didn’t really have a direction when I began it.  I devote this song to my grandpa, who I became extremely close to after my grandma had passed away in 2004.  He went on to survive her by 4 years.  In those 4 years I got to see a man who was once hardened by years of East Arkansas farming, North Arkansas cattle farming, World War II, and Vietnam.  He became the most soft spoken, tender hearted, and humbling man I’ll ever meet.  A man who worked with blood, sweat, and tears to provide for a family of 9 children and never lost the passion for his beloved wife.  In my then 24 years I had never seen him cry, until after the loss of his love.  My grandparents both hold a very special place in my heart and it is their passion of 62 years of marriage that I look up to and cherish in my heart.  Together Perfectly is my song to them and to everyone that shares in this with them.

"YOU CAN'T FOOL A FOOL" (Writers: Matthew Huff/Terry Smith) 

Many times in a relationship, one or the other fall out of love, while the other is left holding on.  One is ready to move forward, feels guilty, but just can’t find the courage to announce their true feelings.  It becomes obvious to him/her that the relationship has flailed. We’ve all been down this road before and ignored the warning signs.  At some point we’ve all been manipulated and misled through to the final day when you realize you’ve been fooled and held on to something untrue. Once you’ve been fooled once or twice you become more aware when someone is just playing the part and is no longer in love with you.  You can see the end in sight, though it breaks your heart to break the ice, but you just can’t play the game anymore.  It’s happened to us all at least once, but not again, because, You Can’t Fool A Fool!

"BACK AGAIN"  (Writer: Matthew Huff)

A song that we all can relate to.  Even though it’s a truly heartbreaking song, this song has all the emotion that I felt during the end of a long 3 year relationship.  This song goes much deeper than just wanting a girl back.  We all can relate to falling in  love and getting hurt over and over.  It's sometimes tough to let go of something when you are hopeful of change.  Even through all the lies, manipulation, and  deception we sometimes hang on.  I think this is how we all feel at some point in our lives, someone has ripped our heart from our chest, and yet we just want them back, Back Again! 

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Reflection, the defining Huff album as it's being called.  The 2013 album was long over-due for fans, but it well was worth the wait.  Huff's first full length project that consists of stripped down, raw, realness that only Huff seems to portray.  Insightful lyrics wrapped around an acoustic driven melody.  Just like the album "Strong", 11 of the 12 tracks are sole writes or co-writes with friend and co-writer Terry Smith.  Reflection offers one cover, (J. Timberlake's smash hit "What Goes Around").  Huff and Smith have cultivated in to quite the pair as it relates to writing songs.  Reflection gives you the best look inside Huff, as a person and an artist.  The vulnerability of the work in "You Love Me Anyway" opens him up and hand delivers the life of the man who you have grown to love and follow over the course of the last 3 years, in the wait for this album.  One thing that you will always be able to say about a Huff album is: "Real"

The album features multi-Grammy Nominated Engineer/Producer Jon Raney and musicians:
  Charlie White, Kenny Loggains, Matthew Huff ~  

​"SIMPLE THINGS" (Writer: Matthew Huff)
Simple Things, the 2011 song that helped earn Huff the 2011 Nashville's New Country Star Competition title.  

"Life to me isn't about money rich, it's about happy rich. -mh"  I grew up in a family of working class parents, working class uncles/aunts, small town roots and teaching us small town values.  My view on life is best summed up in 4 minutes and 15 seconds of this one song.  Some people talk about how they don't need "things" but to most that just makes them feel good in theory, but can't do without the next newest thing.  It's something that you have to find peace within.  Over the past three years I have given up so many material things, to chase this dream of mine, that I realized I didn't actually need 90% of the things I had.  Happiness will Never come from new purses, new shoes, new houses, new cars, that will all end up in a bottomless pit in your closet, comes from that smile on your heart of knowing that life is best lived with a strong family and a handful of great friends, sharing years of great memories.  
Simple Things, that's what my life is about!   

"KISSIN' YOUR LIPS" (Writer: Matthew Huff)

I mean what's not to feel good about this song.  I pulled from several past experiences in this song; several different moments at different moments of my life.  This is one of my Florida writes that just hit me one night while playing guitar.  We've all had those moments where we don't wash away the scent from a shirt for days because of the one we were with the night(s) before.  Reminiscing the look, the kiss, the night, the moment in time that you just don't want to let go of.  A kiss should be a personal moment and the first kiss should be so serene that it puts a stamp on your life for the time you are together.  I can't think of a better place to steal that first kiss than sitting on a bridge, sipping a little wine, and feeling that cool water running passed your feet.  And when the feeling is right, you "ain't" gonna ever wanna stop kissin' those lips!   

"GAME OF MYSTERY" (Writer: Matthew Huff)

This song is definitely a slap back at a couple girls that I've dated since my mid 20's, fell hard for and ended up on the short end, at the end of the day.  Inspired mostly by a girl I was dating at the time from Missouri, yet had a lot of similarities from a girl who is forever known behind the inspiration for "Back Again".  One late night in my Nashville apartment, all alone, with a lot on my mind and Game Of Mystery was born.  This is a song, for me, that explains exactly when a love has grown cold and, simply, one sided.  Chances are is that anyone that has ever dated has, at some point, felt this way.  It's just human nature to feel pushed aside, left feeling overlooked at times in our lives.  It's a vulnerable and helpless feeling to be head over heels in love for someone and them not recipricate, but unfortunately that is the price we all may potentially pay for dating.  Those that find the opposite of this, should cherish it to the end of time.  There is no harder thing to get over than not being wanted by someone you care about!

"WITH YOU" (Writer: Matthew Huff)

I wrote this song actually in the winter, which is a little out of context for the theme of the song, but when a lyric hits ya you just roll with it.  There's always a feeling or emotion that leads me in a certain direction and With You was no different.  Just a feel good song about lettin' go and livin' it up with someone that makes you feel good.  Doing things that some of us never get out and enjoy, like taking walks and holding hands in the moonlight.  Little things that get forgotten.  Getting out of your box can be a great thing for the mind and body.  With You is an out of the box song telling you to drop the umbrella and let loose a bit....go dance out in the rain. 

"THAT'S AMERICA" (Writer: Matthew Huff)

Taking you way back to my grandparents' younger days and reminiscing times when my mom and uncles were kids growing up in a small Arkansas farm family.  Back in these days times were tougher than I think we can imagine.  Times before we had modern technology that has now enhanced and taken over our lives.  This song transforms from the 50s and 60s to more modern time for me growing up when my dad woke up early every Saturday to get me to Little League practice.  Sixteen years old and getting my dad's first hand me down Chevy.  Times in my life that I won't ever forget.  That's America is a classically felt song that epitomizes small town America from a southern Arkansas farm family to a small town kid growing up in a small town.  Simple living, simple lives, simple ways. 

"MY DAD" (Writer: Matthew Huff)

My Dad was a song that I had visualized several times over the course of the year previous to writing it.  I didn't know if I could put in to words how I really wanted to describe my dad.  I wrote this song one late night in Georgia in the middle of an acoustic tour.  In a lot of ways my dad and I are similar but in more ways I think we are different.  I watched him as I was growing up and know the strength I got to pursue this music career was instilled by the lessons taught growing up.  You had to be a tough kid growing up and for a little scrawny kid that wore his heart on his sleeve it didn't take much to hurt my feelings.  Life has hardened me over enough to appreciate the ways in which dad tried to teach us.  Respect your elders, be selfless to help others in need, but don't take any shit off anyone.  Looking back on it all now I thank him for the heavy handed, loving ways.  Took me to later in life to gain his respect I think, but I've always been the ambitious out of the box one of the family, always looking for something to get in to, which my dad couldn't understand I don't believe.  You won't find a harder working man with more talent when it comes to fixing things than anyone I've ever met.  My Dad is a testament to all dads that bust their ass and do it the right way.  You might not have felt the love as a child, but we gain the understandment as we grow up and hit adulthood.    

"MILITARY ROAD" (Writers: Matthew Huff/Terry Smith

Taking you back to your teenage days and cruising those streets back in your hometown.  This song was heavily influenced by Terry and his teenage days, cruising Military Road in Saline County, Arkansas.  It's the perfect anthem for reminiscing back to being 16 picking up your girl and riding around.  Something that is a lost art now, but anyone from the 90s prior can relate to all the miles we spent in somewhere USA, just cruisin' around.

WHAT GOES AROUND (Writers: J. Timberlake/T. Mosley/N. Hills)

​I decided to put a cover song on this album due to simple fact that I'm a fan of Timberlake and this song.  Besides the fact that we all want the opportunity to say this to someone at some point in our lives, I've got a few, so, this was my chance to do it.  I took the song and put it in a whole new element.  This may be the best "revenge" song that has ever been written.  I couldn't resist putting it on the album.

"LOST IN THIS MOMENT" (Writer: Matthew Huff)

Song was inspired by a girl I was spending a lot of time with at the time.  We spent a lot of time together down around my hometown, reminiscing on old high school hangouts and it sparked the idea of consuming myself in a moment. When you meet someone that steals away your attention and the moment your in becomes completely still, I think you will understand the sentiment behind this song.  You won't find that just anyone can give you the feeling, but you'll know it when you meet someone special.  

"SONG FOR MOM"  (Writer: Matthew Huff)

Spent all of Mother's Day in 2012, exactly 8 hours writing this song when I was living in Nashville, TN.  I had woken up that morning with one simple song lyric and put it to good use.  This song was a good fit for the album since the whole album was a "Reflection" of myself.  This song and "My Dad", I was proud to have gotten out of myself, two songs I had had the thoughts of writing, but didn't know if I could put them in to words.  It has proven to be a fan favorite coast to coast and the sentiment is all within the song.  

​"YOU LOVE ME ANYWAY" (Writer: Matthew Huff)

The last song I wrote for the album and by far my favorite.  You Love Me Anyway is a song that was inspired by one girl whom at this point doesn't know the song is even about her, as it was better left unsaid.  At the last minute I almost didn't put this song on the album just because it is such a personal and vulnerable song about me and my life over the last 3 to 4 years.  Music has opened a lot of different opportunities, some exceptional and some that were not in my best interest.  Regardless of the choices made, you become a better person by first realizing the mistakes, making good on them and moving forward in positive ways.  Don't let the initial honesty of the first few lines turn you off to the love story of the song.  Most of us will agree that though all we've done and the mistakes we've made it will take one special person to love us completely for who we are and who we have become.  Some of us have found that already, while others lie in wait.  This song is as real as it gets. 

"WHEN IT'S DONE IT'S DONE" (Writers: Matthew Huff/TerrySmith) 

When you've done all you can do and things just don't seem to be working it may be time to cut your losses.  We've all been there, when it just isn't working in the relationship, it feels like more like work than pleasure and more bad than good.  I think we find this lesson the hardest when we go back to the same persona and find ourselves digging deeper in to what was already bad and making it worse.  Sometimes knowing when to call it off takes more maturity than you may want to admit you have.   This song was fitting for me at the time as a string of disappointing relationships that always start out on fire seemed to fizzle.  As with all of my songs, there has to be something meaningful for me to put them on an album to share to the world and this one was no different.  

Photography by: 
         Charity Tucker 

Kissin Your Lips
The debut album "Strong"

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Top 40 Music Row single, 


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Featuring "Simple Things" 
2011 Nashville's New Country Song Winner and Kissin' Your Lips

2014 has already started off with a bang with the anticipated 3rd studio album "Give It All I Got".  Back-To-Back albums for Huff and a treat for his fans with the pre-release of a limited deluxe album featuring work tracks from the studio.  This album sets the bar high for Huff as it is being deemed his best album to date.  The album features 12 tracks, 11 of which Huff wrote including 2 tracks co-written.  Huff invites his two buddies Terry Smith and Lance Carpenter to be on this album.  Smith, who has 3 previous co-write cuts on both of Huff's previous first two albums, proves again to collaborate well with Huff's style. Carpenter, a solo artist of his own, helps Huff co-write the lead track and kicks the album off with a smash!

The album features multi-Grammy Nominated Engineer/Producer Jon Raney and musicians:
Tim Crouch, Mike Kennedy, Charlie White, Robby Springfield, RP Harrell, Doug DeForest, Larry Marrs

"​CIGARETTE BURNIN" Writers: (Matthew Huff/Lance Carpenter)

That addiction you just can't break.  The metaphor between the nicotine addiction and that one girl/guy you just can't go without.  We know the addiction isn't good for us, but it's just so damn good that we can't let it completely go from of our life.  That one night of satisfaction may burn us in the  long run but it keeps drawing us back in and just like the nicotine from a Cigarette Burnin'  it's hard to quit. 

"HERE WE GO AGAIN: Writer: (Matthew Huff)

If you want to relive my raising and growing up in Mammoth Spring, AR then you won't be far off of the beaten path with Here We Go Again.  Reliving some of what we still do today; bank parking lot sittin, meetin' up with our friends before finding the party spot, or tearin out to cruise between our statelines.  We didn't need city lights or clubs to enjoy life, man we tore it up on some back roads and bayou parties.  Not much has changed since I've been gone, in fact you still may catch me sittin around the bank parking lot from time to time with some of the new generation when I'm home.  One thing about it, time may pass, but small town traditions are kept alive.  I smile every time I roll by and see the kids chillin' at the bank, makes me miss those high school days.   

 "Give It All I Got"

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